Nose Plugins

A repository of 3rd party plugins for nose, a test-runner for Python. See the nose API docs for info on built-in plugins.

To install a plugin, first install easy_install, then run easy_install <project> (if no project is listed in the table, the PyPI project name you need is the same as the listed plugin name).

project plugin enable function 0.9 0.10
AppEnginePatcherPlugin --appenginepatcherplugin Nose plugin to patch GAE and Django with appenginepatch and run nose tests correctly. X
Django-Nose python test Run Django application tests with Nose as the testrunner X
django-sane-testing python test Library for comprehensively testing a Django application using Nose X
insulate --with-insulate When nosetests runs a sequence of tests and one of the tests crashes badly, i.e. causing python to terminate, all subsequent tests are aborted. This plugin solves this problem: it uses a master/slave architecture, where the slave nose is restarted when it crashes. X
kNose A unit-testing extension for Komodo Edit, the free, open-source editor from ActiveState. It is a GUI front-end for running nosetests. X
NoseDjango --with-django Test Django apps with nose. Runs doctests, test classes, and hooks into Django fixtures X
nose-cov --with-cov nose plugin for coverage reporting, including subprocesses X
nose-docstring-modifier N/A Enables you to modify docstrings based on their attributes X
nose-exclude --exclude-dir Allows you to easily specify directories to be excluded from testing X
nose_runnable_test_names --with-runnable-test-names Using this plugins allows you to copy and paste the test description outputted by nose directly back to the runner X
NoseGAE --with-gae Enables you to easily set up your GAE (Google App Engine) dev appserver environment for local testing. X
NoseGoat N/A Nose Plugin for goat enableation X
NoseGrowl --with-growl Growl notifiications on testsuite start and completion with simple reports in the notification windows X
NoseJS --with-javascript Runs JavaScript tests alongside Python tests. X
NoseMultiVersion --in-python=2.4,2.5,... Runs tests simultaneously in different versions of Python. X
nose_machineout --with-machineout Changes output into a format easily parseable by machine (and by the vim editor in particular) X
nosepipe --with-process-isolation Run each test in a separate subprocess X
nose-progressive --with-progressive Displays progress in a stationary progress bar, freeing the rest of the screen (as well as the scrollback buffer) for the compact display of test failures as they happen. X
nose-subunit --with-subunit Change output of the nose testing tool result into subunit format. X
nose-testconfig --tc="var:val" --tc-file=TESTCONFIG Configure tests from the command line or in config files X
nosetrim --trim-errors Report only unique exceptions X
nosetty --tty Edit code quickly based on traceback X
nose-xcover --with-coverage --with-xcoverage Extends nose.plugins.cover to add Cobertura-style XML reports X
nosexml --xml generates SAX-like events that can be custom formatted into an XML document X
NoseXML --with-nosexml Produce an XML report of the result of a test X
NoseXUnit --with-nosexunit Produce an XML report of the result of a test X
pinocchio decorator --decorator-file=filename Adding attributes to tests X X
pinocchio figleafsections --with-figleafsections Find out what tests are executing which parts of your code X X
pinocchio outputsave --with-outputsave Save your stdout into files X X
pinocchio spec --with-spec Generate test description from test class/method names X X
pinocchio stopwatch --with-stopwatch Select tests based on execution time X X
rudolf --with-color Output colored test results for your terminal X
Trestle --with-trestle Write doctest-like tests for web apps using restructured text X
xtraceback --with-xtraceback An extended traceback formatter supporting syntax highlighting and context expansion for test failures X
yanc --with-yanc A color output plugin that does not mess with nose internals X
changed November 8, 2014